Monitoring for the modern web

Because there's more to HTTPs than just monitoring
for certificate expiration dates.

Uptime monitoring

Worried your site might go down? We monitor from multiple locations and will report any downtime.

Probes run every minute and alert you via Slack, mail or a webhook of your choice.

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Certificate Monitoring

Expiration dates, revocation lists, certificate changes, distrusted certificate authorities, ... you name it, we monitor it.

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Content validation

Don't let a mixed content issue ruin your day, we'll notify you whenever we find a page with mixed content. Do you use CSP? We'll alert violations, too.

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We're fast

Certificate changes are detected in minutes, not days. You want to be on top of your infrastructure? We've got you covered.

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Instant alerts

Get notified instantly when something goes wrong. Via e-mail, Slack, HipChat, ...You decide how we can reach you.

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Protect yourself

The web is moving to HTTPs. Don't let a misconfiguration ruin your site's reputation or availability, Oh Dear! can help you deploy SSL certificates with more confidence.

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We're currently offering access to our private beta

We respect your privacy and you won't get spam. Ever.
Just a heads-up once you're eligible for our beta. Oh, and when we launch.