Website monitoring. Without the hassle.

Website monitoring should be simple, intuitive & affordable. That's why we built Oh Dear!

We offer multi-location uptime monitoring, mixed content & broken links detection and SSL certificate & transparency reporting. There's an API and kick-ass documentation too.

A simple uptime monitor simply doesn't cut it anymore.

Here's what Oh Dear! has to offer.

Uptime monitoring

Worried your site might go down? We monitor from multiple locations and will report any downtime. Our probes run worldwide and alert you via Slack, mail or a webhook of your choice.

Certificate Monitoring

Expiration dates, revocation lists, certificate changes, distrusted certificate authorities,... you name it, we monitor it.

Mixed Content Monitoring

Loading HTTP content on an HTTPS site is blocked in browsers as it poses a security risk.

Our scans will list all pages on your site that have mixed content.

Broken links detection

Nobody wants to hit a 404 page. We can automatically notify you as soon as we detect a broken link on your site.

Instant alerts

Get notified instantly when something goes wrong. Via e-mail, Slack, HipChat, SMS, Pushover... You decide how we can reach you.

We offer a no-strings-attached trial. No credit card needed.

quote author

I think this is the first Spark application in the wild that I have joined as a paying customer. Pretty neat. 👏

— Taylor Otwell, Creator of Laravel
quote author

Besides being a joy to look at, Oh Dear! makes monitoring websites and SSL certificates an absolute breeze.

— Dries Vints, Maintainer of
quote author

I'm extremely impressed with the entire project. Really in-depth monitoring and dead simple functionality with a beautiful user interface. 11/10

— TJ Miller, Rockstar & Friend of the Laravel community
quote author

When I first signed up I just entered my domain and Oh Dear! took care of the rest. I was pleasantly surprised to see changes in my SSL cert chain and mixed content reports.

— Paul Redmond, Author of Docker for PHP Developers & Contributor at Laravel News
quote author

Oh Dear! a really nice monitoring tool! Just subscribed directly after the beta invite.

— Lukas Kämmerling, FullStack Webdev & first ever Oh Dear! Customer
quote author

DevOps is already a full-time job as is, and having Oh Dear! monitor SSL is just one less thing to worry about. It's fast, detailed and easy to use.

— Neo Ighodaro, CTO at and organiser of Laravel Nigeria
quote author

Oh Dear! looks really good, it's fast, and it found some mixed content I had. 👌💯

— Nicolas Widart, Creator of Asgard CMS
quote author

We maintain multiple sites, and not all of them get our attention when things are busy. With Oh Dear we now have a lightweight monitoring service taking up the slack. We’re loving it, especially when it tells us everything’s healthy ✅!

— Armin Ulrich, Creator of MadeWithVueJs
quote author

Oh Dear really helps me to focus on developing PHPMap! I don’t need to check my site manually. Oh Dear does it for me. ❤️

— Florian Wartner, Creator of
quote author

If you haven’t tried Oh Dear!, you should get started! Lovely UI, simple setup and crazy useful.

— Lasse Rafn, Laravel and Vue developer
quote author

Oh Dear! Is the bomb, awesome simple UI, easy to setup & maintain.

— Lee Stables, Laravel Developer